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Project: Zodiac Table

Write a program that prints a table of the Zodiac signs. The table should contain columnns for the symbol, Latin, English and Greek names. Separate the columns with tabs to get the columns to line up.

See: [[Zodiac]]

$ g++ -std=c++17 ZodiacTable.cpp -o ZodiacTable -lfmt $ ./ZodiacTable Symbol Latin English Greek ♈ Aries Ram Κριός ♉ Taurus Bull Ταῦρος ♊ Gemini Twins Δίδυμοι ♋ Cancer Crab Καρκίνος ♌ Leo Lion Λέων ♍ Virgo Maiden Παρθένος ♎ Libra Scales Ζυγός ♏ Scorpio Scorpion Σκoρπιός ♐ Sagittarius Centaur Τοξότης ♑ Capricorn Sea-Goat Αἰγόκερως ♒ Aquarius Water-Bearer Ὑδροχόος ♓ Pisces Fish Ἰχθύες