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Project: Random Bytes

Write a program to generate a random stream of bytes. The program should accept three values on the command line: minimum byte value, maximum byte value and the number of bytes to generate. Include assertions to check that the command line min and max are in the range 0-255.

$ g++ -std=c++17 RandomBytes.cpp -o RandomBytes -lfmt $ ./RandomBytes 32 126 100 \uD5}$@2P=n#lG'f:gMG#*l;hKV4(^r4^64[\'(,}uaT7Q&aRa.$Lz?x)v^F<%`.+/l/,YjHr"j/z40w>:bI}]'`z&ha%:g@X(+3$ g++ -std=c++17 RandomBytes.cpp -o RandomBytes -lfmt $ ./RandomBytes 48 57 100 6832903153808407274401827452068262266001996525065610493919642061118116748071921932649606907602735012