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Project: Physical Constants

Write a program that defines and prints the values for the following physical constants:

  • Speed of light in vacuum (c)
  • Planck constant (h)
  • Newton's gravitation constant (G)
  • Elementary charge (e)
  • Avogadro constant (L)
  • Boltzmann constant (k)

Use named constants for all values.

See: [[List of physical constants]]

$ g++ -std=c++17 PhysicalConstants.cpp -o PhysicalConstants -lfmt $ ./PhysicalConstants c: 2.9979245800000000e+08 h: 6.6260701499999998e-34 G: 6.6743014999999996e-11 e: 1.6021766339999999e-19 L: 6.0221407599999999e+23 k: 1.3806490000000001e-23