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Project: Emoji

Write a program that prints out some of the emoji faces available in Unicode. Use the Unicode codepoint escape method for the emoji characters.

See: [[Unicode Emoji]]

$ g++ -std=c++17 Emoji.cpp -o Emoji -lfmt $ ./Emoji Smiling Face: 😀 Winking Face: 😉 Cool Face: 😎 Laughing Face: 🤣 Screaming Face: 😱 Angry Face: 😠 Angel Face: 😇 Devil Face: 😈 Skull Face: 💀 Alien Face: 👽 Smiling Cat: 😺 See-No-Evil: 🙈 Hear-No-Evil: 🙉 Speak-No-Evil: 🙊 Baby Face: 👶 Exploding Head: 🤯